Weekly Schedule Winter Quarter 2015

Please material in bold type before each week's class meeting. To facilitate discussion and later references to readings and resources, print copies for your workbook and/or take careful notes on what you read. Some readings are substantially longer than others and need not be printed out--but do read them and make note of their major points. If necessary, quizzes will be constructed to test accomplishment of assignments.

Week Topic Assignments & Resources
Introduction to the nature and study of myth.

C. Uhlmeyer, Myth and Oral Tradition (introductory essay)
Mircea Eliade, The Structure of Myths (selections)
How Art Made the World: Once Upon a Time


Martin Luther King Day holiday

Class does not meet

3 Myth and Modernity I: Long ago in a galaxy far, far away-- fair maidens, dark fathers, and tricksters

Leah Deyneka, "May the Myth Be with You, Always: Archetypes, Mythic Elements, and Aspects of Joseph Campbell's Heroic Monomyth in the Original Star Wars Trilogy" in Myth, Media, and Culture in Star Wars: An Anthology (eBook);
Workshop (at home): archetypes and masks
(due week 4)


Myth and Modernity II: Rings, cycles, heroes, and return

Introduction to group presentation (for week 8)

National Geographic, Beyond the Movie: The Lord of the Rings
John C. Hunter, "The Evidence of Things Not Seen: Critical Mythology and The Lord of the Rings." (via EBSCO)
Workshop (at home): Hero Story Map (due week 5)

Myth and Cosmology: Heavenly observations and storytelling in art and architecture

Introduction to the final project (due week 10)

Video: Art Through Time: Cosmology and Belief
Lecture/Discussion: Cosmology and Architecture; Acoma creation myth
Supplement: AstroLinks (sites dealing with myth and astronomy)
Group Workshop: Astronomy & Cosmology (students must be present to earn points)
Introduction to group presentation (for week 8)


Project development and research workshop/Group presentation planning

Mandatory in-Library instruction (students must be present to earn workshop points); see also Project and Group Presentation links


Myth and Modernity III: Myth in practice

(Snow Day cancellation)

Myth and performance: ceremony, sacrifice, and storytelling
(Rescheduled for week 8)


Myth and Modernity III: Myth in practice

Myth and performance: ceremony, sacrifice, and storytelling

9 Project completion workshop Bring materials to class for critique and advice; projects are due at the beginning of class week 10

Myth and Modernity IV: Witches, wizards, vampires, werewolves, zombies, and the apocalypse

Student-led discussions & presentations: myth and popular cultureFinal projects, essays, & bibliographies due at the beginning of class.


Project return, Project Presentations, convivium

Final class meeting