Even More Links

These sites and other sources are included to help students develop a project that will be meaningful, useful, or otherwise interesting enough to lead to a successful integration of myth and creativity. Some overlap may occur between what's listed below and what I've provided elsewhere, but the links may prove useful.


Other Mythographies

Wikipedia's list of Films Based on Greco-Roman Mythology is pretty exhaustive, and arranged according to hero. There's another list of Films Based on Greek Drama, divided according to author (most of these would be hard to find, however). Multiple languages are represented, as well as a variety of film genres.

Dr. Cora Angier Sowa's essay, Ancient Myths in Modern Movies offers a scholarly look at the many ways in which myths and mythic themes (e. g. archetypes and journeys) have informed modern cinema.

A film festival held in 2003 celebrated Greek myths in internationl cinema, and this brief article lists the films that were shown.

For an idea of just how pervasive a single myth can be, see this page on The Frankenstein Myth in Film, Theater, and Comics.

Marc Oromaner's recent article for the online journal When Falls the Coliseum, "Myth in Movies: The Tangled Web We Weave," discusses the Disney film Tangled (based on the fairy tale, Rapunzel) within the context of alternative reality films such as The Matrix.

The aforementioned Marc Oromaner blogs at The Layman's Answers to Everything, where he provides an archive of his posts on Myth In Movies. He's (I think) appropriately snarky, and offers some interesting insights into all manner of mythical elements in popular culture. Be sure to check out his links, too.

Myth and Art

The Artcyclopedia, a reliable compendium of sources for art and artists on the web, includes an article by Joseph Phelan, "Forbidden Visions: Mythology in Art," which might inspire an art project that explores a particular myth.

Modern Art and Mythology: Works by Ingres, Serov, Klimt, Henrietta Rae and Elaine de Kooning from Suite 101 explores some mythic themes. Many contemporary artists are inspired by myths and their implications, so if you're interested in exploring how your favorite painter or sculpture has used myth as subject matter, conduct a couple of "name + myth" searches on Google, or Bing, or another engine.

More to come . . .