Group Presentations


This assignment is designed to foster cooperation and collaboration in conducting research, and developing an effective informational presentation on a topic relevant to the week's focus: myth and popular culture.

Topics for this assignment can include almost any quasi-mythical, pop-culture figure: zombies, vampires, bigfoots (bigfeet?), fairies, goblins, Chupacabra, some urban legends, aliens, werewolves, and the like. Do not choose comic-book characters, unless you're using them to illustrate popular notions of mythical archetypes (tricksters, shape-shifters, etc.)--and then don't focus on one single figure. Treat them as a general category of character.

Presentations should take no longer than fifteen minutes, and should be delivered by the most articulate member of the group. Nothing in this category of assignment is more annoying than a crowd of people standing up in front of the class reading from sheets of notebook paper. Groups will be graded on the following:

Information delivery: the quality of the slides and presentation (creativity, image definition and choice, use of text, narration, research fluency)

Research: each group will produce an annotated bibliography of sources consulted, in proper MLA style.

Professionalism: group cooperation, task management, and effort will be assessed in conference with the instructor. Consider assigning particular tasks to individual members (narration, slide preparation, bibliography construction), making sure that equal effort is expended; no single student should be responsible for a disproportionately large segment of the presentation.

Audience response: class members will be asked to comment on each presentation. Comments will affect scores for both audience and presenters.

All of the above will be discussed in class week 6. Presentations will occur week 8.

This task is worth 20 points.

Project development and research workshop

This 10-point workshop is designed to help students locate appropriate sources for the two major assignments in this class: the Group Presentation and the individual (or small-group) final project. A mandatory in-Library session will be held in conjunction with the workshop, to allow students to consult with Mrs. Casto about available resources. Students may also meet to discuss group presentation topics, after which