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Workshop Assessment

Workshops for this class serve several purposes:

  • To test your understanding of presented material
  • To allow for creative engagement with the material
  • To foster critical and analytical thinking skills
  • To enhance research and information fluency

Workshops are worth up to ten points and are assessed according to the criteria listed on the Workshop Assessment Rubric. Comments, when warranted, will be posted on the eCompanion Gradebook where scores will be recorded. A bonus workshop is associated with the final two weeks of class work, and may be completed by anyone wishing to boost point totals a bit. It must be submitted with your final exam.

Each workshop submitted must include the following:

  • A cover sheet that lists your name, the number and name of the coruse (GE2024: Art History 1), the title of the workshop, and the date submitted.
  • The artifact itself (the required image or other document).

Some workshops will require one or more of the following, so be sure to follow individual instructions carefully:

  • A short, explanatory process/concept essay of about 350 words. Create a title for this essay that describes the "artifact" you're submitting.
  • An annotated bibliography of sources consulted.

All workshops are due on the date noted on the schedule, at the beginning of class. You may submit a workshop up to one week late, but points will be affected (timely submission is one of the criteria for the highest scores).

No work more than one week late will be accepted without prior arrangement with the instructor.

Complete instructions for each workshop are linked in the left-hand column of this page.