Spring 2016 Weekly Schedule

Slide lists will be available on the topic page, linked under "topic" below. Textbook readings and links to especially helpful supplementary materials appear under "assignment."

Please be sure to read the assigned chapters in Art Through the Ages before you come to class each week. Anything underlined on this schedule links to further information.

Any changes to the schedule will be made at least one week before the affected class.

Week Topic Assignment

Art Before History: Paleolithic and Mesolithic

Kleiner, Gardner’s Art Through the Ages, "What is Art History" (pp. 1-13), and "Art in the Stone Age" (pp. 14-23)
Building Good Slide Lists
(under revision)
Terminology (Vocabulary) Weeks 1 & 2


The Roots of Western Art: Neolithic and Bronze Age

Kleiner, pp. 23-102; concentrate on Neolithic Europe, Mesopotamia, Egypt, and the Aegean. Use the content of your slide list as a guide.
Workshop 1: Grave goods (due week 4)

The Birth of the Classical Tradition in Greece

Kleiner, Chapter 5, "Ancient Greece"
PBS Nova: Secrets of the Parthenon
; Ancient Athens 3D
Terminology Weeks 3 & 4


From Rome to Byzantium

Kleiner, Chapters 6-9
Review weeks 1-4 for exam
Workshop 2: Icons & Iconography (due week 6)


Midterm Exam (up to 3 hours)

Midterm Exam Study guide; Owls' Parliament blog post: How to Take An Exam


Note: a detailed "post-mortem" of the midterm exam will be held during the first hour of class, week 6 only.

Manuscript Illumination and the Art of the Book

Kleiner, pp.269-70, 306-7, 316-19, 322-24, 335-36, 360-61, 368-9, 394-97
Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History: The Art of the Book in the Middle Ages
Terminology: Manuscript Illumination (handout, .pdf)
Workshop 3: Medieval Manuscript Conventions (due week 9)


Early Medieval Europe: Islam and the West

Kleiner, Chapter 10 (Islamic World)
The film I show in class is available on YouTube here: When the Moors Ruled Europe. (This is the entire program, and required if you missed class.)
Also: TED-ed's The Complex Geometry of Islamic Design


Europe in the Middle Ages: Anglo Saxon to Gothic

Kleiner, Chapters 11-13
PBS Nova: Building the Great Cathedrals; Virtual Chartres Cathedral
Terminology: Gothic & Romanesque
Workshop 4: Virtual Reality (due week 10)


The Renaissance in the North (Belgium, the Netherlands, England, Germany, France);

Kleiner, Chapters 20 and 23
Terminology (Renaissance)


The Italian Renaissance

Kleiner, Chapters 14, 21, 22
The Sistine Chapel Virtual Tour

Bonus workshop: Art Out Of Context
(due week 11)

11 Final Exam

Final exam study guide (the final is cumulative)

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