The Pages Formerly Known As Owldroppings are in the process of reconstruction toward purposes not yet entirely determined; until then, anything I have to say of any possible interest to anyone can be found on the two blogs linked below (Owl's Farm and Owl's Cabinet of Wonders). The course pages (Owldroppings) will be revised and archived and added to the links. If anyone is desperate for something he or she remembers as being particularly helpful, let me know and I can probably get it to you.

To avoid confusing myself any further, my utopian novel, More News From Nowehere, can be found at its own link; it, however, will shortly be undergoing revision as well.

If anybody misses me, you can contact me here: owlfarmer at gmail dot com



Owl's Farm: The Blog

Owl's Cabinet of Wonders

An extensive number of topically related blogs can be found on
both the Farm and the Cabinet. Others will be included as the
site develops.


This section will include extended versions of my own observations, contributions from invited guests, and (on occasion) submitted work from interested participants. Editorial guidelines will be appended under the licensing information below when they become necessary.

More information on topics and content will follow, but in general anything explored on the blogs will give readers an idea of what kinds of issues will be considered in future. Creative content will not be limited to essays, but may include short fiction, poetry, illustration, photography, or film--depending on who contributes.

Anyone unfamiliar with the work of William Morris, Yi-Fu Tuan, Wendell Berry, or others mentioned in the essays is encouraged to consult a bibliography which will be linked at right, and any referenced works will be provided as end notes to any content.


For the time being, rely on linked material from the two blogs. Material connected to articles and essays will be added later.











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